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Seven new Home Grown Solutions just released
by SIRC Admin - Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 1:55 PM

INACSL and NLN have joined forces to provide you with the opportunity to share HomeGrown solutions that provide cost effective ways to produce simulation situations. The first seven HomeGrown Solutions, reviewed and selected by a panel of simulation experts, have been posted on the SIRC site.

Visit the HomeGrown Solutions section on the SIRC!

Contribute YOUR HomeGrown Solution. The next application deadline is July 15, 2015. 


The NLN believes that simulation offers transformational learning for all nursing students.  In our continuing effort to support nursing faculty with evidence based teaching resources, the NLN's latest vision statement is both timely and critical.   Click here to view it now.

A special forum has been created on the topic.Click here to take part in this conversation.We look forward to a robust discussion. 


A practice exam is now available for those who wish to become Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators.  Go to for more information.